Historical Information about the Board of Directors of the Tantramarsh Club
(prior to the cessation of operations)

The Board of Directors is the true governing body of the Tantramarsh Club Inc. Most directors' positions are elected annually at the General Members' Meeting each September, with the exception of four positions (one appointed by University administration, the VP Campus Life student position appointed by the SAC, and the Manager and Accountant contractually appointed by the Board Entity). Of the total number of Board members, who meet once every month, twelve are designated as voting members regarding Club policies. All positions are outlined here:

Five regular "Student" positions - These are filled by members of the student body. Elected, voting. The student positions may be filled by either part-time or full-time students at MTA.

One "Administrative" position - This position is a member of the university administration, appointed by senior administration officials to represent the views of the university at large. As the University controls the Tantramarsh Club's lease, the administration representative's views carry a very significant weight, giving an effective veto power within the Board on certain issues. Appointed, voting.

Two "Alumni" positions - These positions must be filled by Mount Allison alumni. Elected, voting. These positions are normally filled by persons who have graduated from Mount Allison University, although strictly speaking, anyone who has taken courses at Mount Allison is eligible to fill the positions.

Two "Member At Large" positions - These positions can pretty much be filled by anyone who is a member of the loosely defined "University Community", which would include students, staff, faculty, alumni, town residents with university contacts or affiliations, etc. Elected, voting.

Up to Two alternate "Member at Large" positions - As "alternate" positions, these are elected but non-voting. In the case of a permanent resignation by another board member, one of these alternates would take the place of the resigning member, and would then become a regular voting member. Past officers (Chairperson, Vice-Chair, Secretary) of the Board are often invited to join the Board in subsequent years in this respect.

One "Faculty" position - Obviously, this member of the Board must be a current faculty member at Mount Allison. Elected, voting. At the moment, due the resignation by our Faculty member in the Fall of 2009, this position remains open and will be filled in September of 2010 at the next AGM.

One "VP Campus Life" position - The SAC automatically appoints this person to the Board of Directors, or if necessary, one of the other SAC VP's as a replacement.

One Accountant - This position is appointed as ongoing position rather than one with annual turnover, by the first twelve members of the Board (by means of the hiring process). The accountant is required to be present at Board meetings to report on and explain the ongoing financial affairs of the Club. Appointed, non-voting.

One Regular Manager - This position is appointed as ongoing position rather than one with annual turnover, by the first twelve members of the Board (by means of the hiring process). The manager is required to be present at Board meetings to report on and explain the ongoing operational aspects of the Club. The manager's duty is to ensure the continued on-going financial viability of the Club, and to ensure that the Club conforms to provincial, municipal, and university rules and regulations. Appointed, non-voting.

One Student Manager - This person is hired by the Regular Manager. The Student Manager is required to be present at Board meetings to report on and explain the ongoing daily operations at the Club, including marketing, special events, personnel management, communications, public relations, etc. Appointed, non-voting. This position is only filled in years when a Student Manager or Assistant Manager is used by the Club. In 2009-2010, the Club did not hire for this position.

The role of the Board is to basically shape and regulate major Club policies, and to monitor and reinforce the performance of the Manager. The Manager is given blanket authority in all day-to-day operational aspects of the club, and the Board generally follows a hands-off policy with respect to the Manager's actions, so long as his/her overall performance is satisfactory to Club and Board members.

Our Mission Statement

The next section on this page is devoted to a Mission Statement for the Tantramarsh Club. A Mission Statement is used to express in concrete and visible terms what the organization strives for and stands for. It drives and shapes corporate behaviour by creating a set of goals which challenge employees, managers, and board members to think carefully about how they are going to bring this vision closer to reality by the decisions they make. In summary, the statement will be a clear and explicit statement of organizational objectives communicated to all employees and managers so that they know what the organization stands for and what it is seeking to achieve. Our mission statement (last revised October 12th, 2001) reads as follows:

Mission Statement for the Tantramarsh Club Inc.

The Tantramarsh Club aims to provide a common meeting ground for members of the university community, and to provide a venue for social interactions between these persons in a non-academic, informal setting. Such interaction will accelerate personal and group development. The Club aims to enhance communication between Mount Allison's current and former students and staff, augmenting the university's sense of community.

The Tantramarsh Club aims to provide the proper facilities for the consumption of alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages in a permanent establishment, and to provide mechanisms that encourage the practice of responsible drinking, both within the establishment and also within the university community.

The Tantramarsh Club will be organized as an independent and financially stable not-for-profit corporation. The Club will continually strive to professionally enhance the skill sets of its representatives in order to better serve the community.

The Tantramarsh Club will enjoy the benefits of operating within a high calibre university community environment. The Club will always act as a good corporate citizen, and its representatives will act as role models at all levels.